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Consulting Services

Giving your business an international flair

I've assisted hundreds of companies and key management stakeholders throughout the last decade to enter East and South-East Asia and conduct business as they implement a cohesive Asia strategy.

Sector & Country Analysis

The first step into Asia is comprehensive analysis of possible markets and strategies.

Six Sigma

Often out-of-reach for SMEs, this service provides vital process refinement insights.

Financial Modeling

What does Asia cost? How should the investment be staged? What is my expected IRR?

Travel Management

An overlooked area where applied strategy can yield outsized gains on the business landscape.

Marketing & Sales

Business Development for a unique region of the world. The market is different and the approach is as well.

Strategic Planning

"Plans are worthless, but planning is everything."

~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

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About Ember


In the past decade, I've augmented the capabilities of numerous businesses and individuals in pursuit of Asian business objectives. My experience spans operations, finance, human resources, business development, and management. My core competency is helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) adjust to vastly different paradigms and operating environments.

Over the past five years, I've built a regional office representing a premier and niche luxury services provider in Asia. I've developed the specific strategy targeting Greater China, Japan, Korea, and South-East Asia. 

Contact me for an initial consultation and general advice on the region as you expand your organization and develop new streams of revenue.

Discernment nonpareil


Matthew Lawrence

[Stephen's] most lasting achievement, which will benefit the company long after he has left, is the founding and development of the Hong Kong office.




Stephen excelled at projects requiring analytics and focus. His ability to dig into a project, find data that provides insight, and offer data driven solutions was leveraged on multiple occasions.

Cherry Lam

Stephen is also the most disciplined person I've met. I would highly recommend Stephen for roles involving people management, critical analysis, new office or new market set up

Jae Jun Soh

Stephen has wealth of knowledge and experience in operations and general management, and he excels in solving complex business problems with composure and command.

Joel Mangin

Driven. Analytical. Strategic. Brilliant. Fearless. A calming presence. A creative problem-solver. Determined. A good listener. A mentor. A motivator. Organized. Thoughtful.




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